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The Rustic Report

The Rustic Report

Tom Hansen here, I’m the guy pushing the shutter button for Cooper Hansen Nature Photography. The “Cooper” name is my mother’s maiden name and I wanted to incorporate it into my photography in her memory.

I haven’t blogged before but I thought it would be a good way for me to:

  • Inform others of interesting destinations and share my experiences as I travel to capture IMAGES OF THE WILD.
  • Provide ideas for outdoor opportunities around my “home water” Lake Pepin (wide spot in the upper Mississippi River).
  • What’s happening at Rustic Road Gallery located on Wisconsin R51 Rustic Road outside of Maiden Rock, Wisconsin.

I believe blogs are intended to be interactive, so I'll be anxious to hear what interests you the most and hear your feedback.

As always, "Put some gravel in your travel" - Tom 

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  • Ellen Thoma
    Ellen ThomaJune 17, 2023

    Tom, I met you today as you were photographing Chickadees. Nice to meet a fellow bird and nature enthusiast and photographer. Hope to keep in touch. Perhaps sometime I can ask you to critique my photos. Thank you! Now you have my email. Take care.

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