Tom Hansen here, owner of Rustic Road Gallery - Studio & Nature Center. I am a  Nature Photographer and Wisconsin Master Naturalist. My photography studio is named Cooper Hansen Nature Photography in memory of my mother who's maiden name was Cooper.

I grew up along the Mississippi River and fished / hunted both the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers extensively as a kid. In the early 1960’s I began chasing Muskies with my dad most every weekend from Hayward, Wisconsin to Ontario, Canada. Hunting, fishing and camping have always been a major part of my life. I still enjoy camping and sharing experiences around a campfire, getting out on the water with family and friends to “wet a line”, but in 2019 I traded my hunting gear for camera gear.

My interest in photography goes back to the early 1970’s when I took a couple of photography classes. I never took the time to pursue that interest until reaching retirement age when I purchased a good mirrorless camera with several “pro-quality” lenses. I now use my decades of outdoor experience to put myself in a position to capture special images of wildlife. The year-around season for photographing nature has increased both my interest and appreciation for the non-game species.

I very much enjoy sharing my nature photography with others, particularly my kids and grandkids. I hope that my work will help to increase a broader appreciation for the natural world and that it will help to encourage conservation practices that PROTECT WILD PLACES!