Comin' In

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Size: 16 x 24 Limited Edition Fine Art Print

Limited Edition Fine Art 

 “Comin’ In” 

Southeast Minnesota

While scouting for a good buck to photograph I jumped this animal in very thick Prickly-ash (not actually an ash tree). As he fled I could see only glimpses of his impressive rack. It was wide and had several drop tines. I could hear the brush beating against his rack as he parted the Prickly-ash. I knew this was a buck that I had to get close to, so I spent the better part of a month hunting this fellow in hopes of getting a good image of him. Finally in late October it happened, I was camoed up and concealed in amongst a stand of trees on some high ground when I saw the top of his rack. He was moving my way at a steady pace. With reasonably good light he stepped into the open hardwoods and ultimately walked within 20 yards of me and my camera. 

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